Thursday, September 29, 2011

Maegan's Engaged!!

I thought this was deserving of its own post and not to just be thrown into my update post! My best friend Maegan got engaged last month! I am so excited to go through this engagement with her. It feels like a round 2, but the pressures off me :) She has chosen a destination wedding in Mexico next June! I cannot wait to celebrate with her AND get such a fun vacation! Here are some pics from the engagement dinner! 
 Yummy cookie cake to celebrate! 
 All of her girlfriends put together a basket of presents to get her ready to be a fiancĂ©! 
Her and Eric are so cute! Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Ferraris!

Harper's Almost Here!

So I haven't blogged in a while, but I am going to get back on that with Harper's arrival! I will do my best to update with pictures of us as we find our way through this new chapter. Austin and I could not be more ecstatic to welcome Harper to our family. We get to meet her 1 week from today (at the latest!) My butt got put on bed rest yesterday :( Austin has been warning me for a while that this was going to happen, but if you know me, you know sitting on the couch is not my thing! But for now, I guess I'll give in since it's whats best for her. Austin is out right now with a "Honey Do" list that includes finding me dry shampoo :) I think he got lost at Target looking for everything! He's only called a few times with questions! He says I am the errand queen and he doesn't understand how I always have so many errands.. I guess over the course of the next week he will find out. Except that my mom has already been assigned the Hobby Lobby errand for an additional lamp shade and fringe bc he would have NO CLUE what he was looking for! He's been such a trooper through this whole pregnancy. He has nicknamed me his "Hormone Casserole" :) All I can do is laugh bc I know I'm hormonal on a normal day! I hope he doesn't wear down this last week since I can't do much! I owe him big time when Harper's here and I am back on my feet. Here's just a few pics of what we've been up to getting ready for this baby! 
My sweet hostesses at Harper's first shower!
 My Mom, Crystal, & Camdyn at Harper's shower! (My brother had a baby since I last blogged!)
 Our families at Harper's 3D sonogram! It was so cool!
We fixed up our backyard with a new patio! It has been so nice since the weather cooled down!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge. 40 High School Cheerleaders. 3 Coaches.

Tomorrow morning I am off to GWL to take my new group of cheerleaders to camp! I am so excited to spend this week w/ them and also super nervous that the responsibility is on my shoulders! I am also looking forward to getting to know my JV coach, Holly, this week! We will be gone until Thursday- I hope I get sleep between now and then! :)

Hurdle #1 for the year: My freshman coach quit this week :) So my sweet friend Ann Marie is filling in for us at camp! And the old JV coach from last year has agreed to come back and take over the freshman team for the year. I am so excited that I will have somebody that is familiar w/ the program to help me out. And she is super sweet :) For this week- Ann Marie, Holly, and myself will be doing our best to keep 40 high school girls under control at a resort! ha!

I will update soon on how these high school girls are keeping me on my toes!

Monday, May 31, 2010

Fun For Sale :)

We are selling our four wheelers! :( But if you know someone interested, direct them our way!
2009 Suzuki King Quad 750 AXi
Fuel Injected
Rear sealed breaks
Locking front differential
Push button 4WD
250 Miles
34 Hours
2,500 lb winch
2009 Suzuki King Quad 450 AXi
Fuel Injected
Push button 4WD
Rear sealed breaks
Locking front differential
44 Miles
9 Hours

You can call Austin if you are interested!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Congratulations Maegan!

Maegan graduated this May from Texas A&M Commerce and will be teaching elementary in the Fall! I am so happy for her! She is going to be an amazing teacher! We got to celebrate after she walked the stage with her (WHOLE) family, Eric's family ;), and old friends from high school! With smoked bbq, a heated pool, and a margarita machine... It was a fun day! Congrats MaeMae!


Austin and I experienced our first Jimmy Buffett concert Saturday night! His cousins Brooke and Magen along w/ several of their friends tailgated all weekend at Pizza Hut Park w/ 2 RV's, a grill, and their very own porta-potty! We had a lot of fun!

1 week left with my sweet kids!

This has been a very challenging year for me work wise and it's coming to an end. I am so excited for what is to come, the new opportunity, and the new challenge..... but as I realize I only have 1 week left w/ my kiddos, I cannot help but be sad! We had a graduation reception today for our graduation seniors. There are 8 of them! Here are some pictures.

We had a great turn out! All of their parents were able to join us along w/ old teachers that have worked with them along the way. I also made a slideshow with pictures from our year and the end had all the seniors w/ their baby pictures and senior pictures! It was a lot of fun!